Brad Woolsley History

Brad Woolsley claims to work at the ford motor company in oakville ontario, he doesn’t. We have sources inside the company that have checked personal records and nobody with that name has ever worked for the ford motor company.

He randomly appeared on facebook back in early march 2020, conveniently right when the covid 19 pandemic started (something Brad likes to post about). Since then he has been posting non stop about the covid 19 pandemic, this account was a great way for his real profile to say things he would never say to effect his livelihood.

He has never posted a picture of himself, he slipped up once and posted a couple of pictures which might be real, everything else is microsoft paint created memes.

He has attacked many people since creating this fake profile, the police have contacted people connected to him including but not limited to the group admins in which he has shared his trash.

Interesting to note, that Brad Woolsley is now an admin in many of these groups, pretty impressive for a new account, nobody has ever met in real life!

He has been able to gain access to many of these groups created by the page Niagara Community. Where We Win Together. This page has tons of local groups and Brad Woolsley has been able to get himself admin powers in many of them.

That is all for now, the history class will continue here.

Remember Brad slipped, once? He posted these pictures, is this his (the real person operating the account) car or just another stolen picture off the internet of a ford mustang (like his recent cover photo).